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Choosing the most beautiful ones to visit is difficult

The Cyclades archipelago is among the most popular destinations for those who love the sea, nature and full relaxation. It takes its name from “kyklos”, meaning circle, precisely because its constituent islands are arranged in a circle and enclose a true enchantment. The Cyclades is a collection of 220 islands, of which the main ones are: Amorgo, Anafi, Andro, Antiparo, Argentiera, Delos, Io, Ceo (or Zea), Cythnos (or Termia), Milo, Myconus, Naxos, Paros, Polycander, Serfanto, Sifanto (or Sifno), Sicandro, Siro (or Sira), Tino and Santorini (or Thera). Choosing the most beautiful ones to visit is difficult, surely whatever your destination you will be fascinated.

From Paros the closest islands to visit are: to the east Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades archipelago. According to mythology, Naxos is the homeland of Dionysus, god of wine, and is the place where Theseus abandoned Ariadne on his return journey from Crete after killing the Minotaur. It is from this episode that the phrase “being jilted” originates!

West of Paros there is Sifnos, an island with traditional architecture, quiet beaches, waterfront taverns, and low hills. The island’s most popular beaches are in the southern part of the island and have crystal-clear water, fine sand, and many tourist facilities. The island’s port is located in the town of Kamares. During the summer months there are daily services by both high-speed and conventional ferries to the island. Ferries connect Sifnos with Piraeus and the other islands of the Cyclades, such as Serifos, Folegandros, Kythnos, Milos, Ios, Santorini, and Crete.

To the north there is the trendy and multifaceted Mykonos. Chosen by thousands of young tourists from all corners of the world. The island, in fact, in addition to the beautiful sea, offers fun and evenings of partying and music, but without ever renouncing the authenticity and typical local atmosphere. Finally, south of Paros is Folegandros, characterized by the striking cliffs overlooking the sea. It is one of the most reserved and peaceful islands of the Cyclades: the lack of resorts and bathing establishments discourages mass tourism, leaving room for unique scenery that offers silence and relaxing sea days.




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